Our Story

NO BRAND is more than just a denim company.  We are a Co. founded on the idea that NO BRAND is everyone’s brand.

At NO BRAND we believe that everyone has the right to self-expression, sexuality, religions and we encourage originality.

We believe that no one should be branded by the color of their skin or self-expression through style. We believe in no racism, no fascism, no hate, no homophobia, no sexism. Our mission is to bring individuals together in unity with denim and colors without prejudice, and our vision is that our product will be worn free by everyone.

How We Started

 NO BRAND was founded in 2017 by a husband and wife duo with twenty-five years of experience in the manufacturing industry who are passionate about disrupting the denim scene and bringing jobs to their city of Los Angeles.  Together with their Designer, they are determined to build a company where individuality and premium quality are at the forefront of each design.